About Mentis


Mentis is a unique forum for UCCOM students to share our ideas, experiences, and opinions.

Through student-composed creative works, we aim to discuss different viewpoints on contentious topics, present fresh developments in the broader world of medicine, expose issues that specifically pertain to us as a student body, and add a little humor in between. 

Ultimately, broadening our horizons as medical students will make us more capable physicians and better human beings, and we hope to provide an outlet to accomplish this purpose.


Letter from the Editors

Benjamin Cox & Erin Armao

"Perhaps healing is something far deeper than curing disease."


A Graceful End to a Graceful Life

Farah Dadabhoy

"You were loving and daunting, approachable yet terrifying."



Natalie Foertmeyer

"Death for us is a noisy business."

Latest Issue - Spring 2014


Shama Milon